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Amyas Merivale

Alongside my philosophical research and teaching, I have been working for ten years in digital humanities and web development. I am currently available for freelance or contract work, and can be contacted through GitHub or LinkedIn.

I specialize lately in frontend development, and am experienced in JavaScript, jQuery, Elm, React, Webpack, Jekyll, and Harp. I am also accomplished in relational database design, and can do backend work as needed, preferably with Node and PostgreSQL (though I have also worked with PHP/Symfony, MySQL, and SQL Server). Below are some of my projects.

The Oxford Turtle System

A complex JavaScript application (with Symfony backend) designed to support the Computer Science component of the UK National Curriculum. Includes implementation of a virtual machine and compilers for the virtual machine code, together with a forum for uploading and sharing code and teaching materials. Source code for the current web site is unavailable; source code for a new and open version of the software written in Node/Electron (still in development) is available at


A computational model of the English language, viewed as a code for processing messages into sentences. Written in Elm. Source code is available at

Hume Texts Online

The collected works of the great Enlightenment thinker David Hume, beautifully presented and fully searchable. Written in JavaScript and Jekyll. Source code is available at

Global Teacher Prize Applications Software

Online tools for processing applications for the Global Teacher Prize, collecting and collating assessments from judges. Includes integration with the Google Translate API for automatically translating foreign language applications.

The French Book Trade in Enlightenment Europe

Database representing the sales transations of the Société Typographique de Neuchâtel between 1769 and 1794, fully searchable and queryable, with results displayed in a variety of tabular and visual forms (including maps). Awarded the British Society for Eighteenth Century Studies Digital Resource Prize in 2017.